Atlas Interpreting offers interpreting (spoken) and translation (written) services. In addition, we offer proof reading services for documents that have already been translated by a free/computerized program.

We primarily provide on-site interpreting services in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and the state of Delaware. We also travel to other remote locations; please contact us for more information.

Written translation projects are available in an almost endless number of languages. Please inquire.

Proof reading may be critical if a translation was generated by a computer program. If your documents qualify, we can usually offer proof reading for lower than .10 cents per word (for Spanish with English). We will be happy to review your documents with no cost and no obligation to see if they qualify. Please note that all documents must be sent without PII (personally identifiable information).

As an industry pioneer, Atlas Interpreting will offer suggestions on how to complete your written translation project for the lowest possible fee. Please contact us to ask if your project qualifies for our Document Alternative Completion (DAC) Program (copyright pending). Our DAC program evaluates each project individually. The DAC goal is to cross all language barriers without superfluous effort or expense.

Request a free, no obligation quote or request services via e-mail, via fax, phone or use our form. Atlas Interpreting does not send any advertising or solicitations to anyone who contacts us.

For on-site interpreting we have recently worked with these languages:

    ✓ Albanian
    ✓ Amharic
    ✓ Arabic
    ✓ Bengali
    ✓ Burmese
    ✓ Cambodian
    ✓ Chinese
    ✓ Farsi
    ✓ French
    ✓ Greek
    ✓ Gujarati
    ✓ Haitian Creole
    ✓ Hindi
    ✓ Hungarian
    ✓ Indonesian
    ✓ Italian
    ✓ Japanese
    ✓ Korean
    ✓ Laotian
    ✓ Mandingo
    ✓ Malayalam
    ✓ Nepali
    ✓ Polish
    ✓ Portuguese
    ✓ Russian
    ✓ Spanish
    ✓ Tagalog
    ✓ Tigrinya
    ✓ Thai
    ✓ Turkish
    ✓ Urdu
    ✓ Vietnamese

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